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The main goal of this website is bringing useful, uncommon and entertaining information about the newest sailboats which can become the true craft of your dreams. I hope your sailing or Sport Fishing dreams are coming close to a reality with this web resource.

New sailboats are great to have and it is an undeniable pleasure to own the newest, ultra modern designed boat. The golden rule of buying a sailboat is: Buy Quality! Not Quantity! And really good value seagoing craft are presented here, or in the Americas Cup.

At My Dream Sailboat.com you will find interesting sailing video clips, stunning photos of ships and exclusive sea jokes.
You will be able to add an image of your dream sailboat or a tall vessel on certain pages of the site. It is also possible to publish your advertisements if you are looking for a boat or selling one. It is absolutely free.

I still have not bought my dream sailboat, but I keep a clear picture of her in my mind.

Sailing Categories

Sailing Ships Gallery – Look at some of types of sailing ships that have already moored here. All types of sailboats, tall ships and sailing vessels are welcome. You can even add pictures of your dream sailboat or favorite tall ship with a short description.


Diverting Sea Stuff– This category of the My Dream Sailboat is dedicated to different funny and diverting things, people and events through the world of the sea. Here you can read reviews on sailing books, true stories about single handed sailors and their sailing adventures. The historical facts, amusing boating cruises, jokes and collections of sea quotes are waiting for you here too. Anything and everything about the sea.

Sailboat Video Clips – There are some exciting video clips which are all about boating, sailing and the sea. I found them interesting for myself and I hope you will like them too. If you have any crazy, thrilling video on this topic, let me know. Enjoy viewing!


Boating Suggestions – We offer you helpful advice for whatever situation you’re facing when it comes to sailing. We can help you choose your first sailboat. We’ll let you know what to expect when you go on your first sailing trip. Also find information about how to handle different sailing conditions and even find out where to vacation!

Many people enjoy recreational sailing every year and if you love to sail, then you must have an idea what kind of boats are out there.