Lady Washington

The original 90-ton Lady Washington was a wooden merchant sloop of the 18th century. She took part in the trade Columbia Expedition started on October 1, 1787. And she became the 1st American tall ship to reach Japan.

A replica of the Lady Washington was built and rigged as a brig in Aberdeen, Washington, USA in 1989.

Launched: March 7, 1989.
Tons burthen: 178 tons.
Length: 68 ft (21 m).
L. W. L: 58 ft (18 m), and 112 ft (34 m) (sparred).
Height: 90 ft (27 m).
Draft: 11 ft (3 m).
Sails: 4,400 sq ft (410 sq m).
Hull: Douglas fir.
Homeport: Aberdeen, Washington, USA.

These photos were taken on May 22, 2010 in Port Townsend, Washington, USA.